A Turkish Newspaper interview with Gaylon Ross, author of "Who's Who of the Elite" quoted.... You mentioned that there are 2-4 years left for revealing the Global Elite! Why do you say so? What do you expect to happen in the coming 5 years on the Globe and in the Middle East? Within the next five years the Elite hope to be very close to completing the Global union, which will be made up of: European Union, African Union, American Union, Pacific Rim Union, Soviet Union, Middle-East Union.... [A revelation] Australia and New Zealand military heads in a secret meeting plan to invade Fiji to bring them under their control and ultimately the Pacific Rim Union which leads to the coming One World Order. However, like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Bainimarama of Fiji has derailed this Pacific Rim Union plan for a little while but not for long. God is delaying this NWO plan to wake up His very few who are Chosen before he allows the New World Order plan to fully come into fruition! Yes, brethren - the New World Order is God's plan to separate the wheat from the tares. Satan and the elite are just his tools to carry out his will. God is totally in control. You have to surrender your life to christ now while there is still time. [Revelation confirmed] The Lord showed us in mid-2007 that there would be a major prophetic event on August 2007 and this has now been confirmed via the "Prophetic Warning To Fiji Christians" prophecy link below.... The Elite originally planned to create the American Union some time during 2005 or 2006. This would include all of the nations of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, and function just like the present European Union. There will be only one monetary system, one central bank, one (unelected) governing body, one military force, one judicial system, no borders, and no Constitution and Bill of Rights.... The American Union follows the first step, the European Union, and then the African Union, in the Elite's plan to control the entire world. Next will be the Asian Union, and the Soviet Union, all to be completed between the years 2010 and 2015. This is not my speculation, it's their stated plans, as detailed in a UN document titled "Our Global Neighborhood" (available in any bookstore, on special order). Thanks to the single handed efforts of a regional hero, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the creation of the American Union has been delayed until the Elite can get rid of Chavez (one way or another). So, until Chavez can be eliminated, the Elite must settle for the creation of the North American Union. [Confirmation] Mexico's former President Vicente Fox confirmed this American Union plan on a recent interview on October 12, 2007 with Larry King on CNN. Check out the October 2007 Archive below for further information.


Top-Secret Weapons Testing?

Strange light-events have been reported over many remote parts of Australia in recent times. With the meteor theory ruled out, could these energy bursts and beams be part of some classified Tesla-style weapons program?

By Harry Mason, Copyright (c) Feb 1997"All Rights Reserved"



Whilst researching the 1993 Banjawarn fireball - explosion - earthquake incident I became aware of an entirely different spectrum of bizarre (non-fireball related) light phenomenon events being reportedly observed in our skies by reliable W.A. bush observers. In common with the fireball events these events were rarely if ever being reported in the press and did not appear to have been commented upon by our scientific community.

These events vary in style but nearly all involve essentially static atmospheric light emission events that have apparently never been reported or observed before the 1980's, have been rarely reported post 1985, but now have an increasing event periodicity in post 1993 years.

One such event type commonly reported consists of massive high energy 5-10 second bursts of blue-white light seen in the night time skies of the upper atmosphere. Such events have been reported in W.A. by many observers including meteor experts and amateur astronomers who are categorically certain that these are NOT transient light bursts due to single meteors or multiple meteor showers.

Normally no mass object or moving light source is seen in association with these events. However the massive blue-white light energy emission is at times quite similar in power output to those very bright blue-white light flash events often reported as occurring in conjunction with fireballs and their "explosion" - as described in Part One of this article series.

Similar events involving massive blue-white light burst emission have also been reported as occurring at ground level e.g. :-

One October 1994 case that was seen from Minara station (50km. east of Leonora in the Eastern Goldfields of W.A.) possibly involved a night time UFO landing and small beings with torches coaming around the station buildings. The exotic brilliant blue-white flare was observed at ground level as the alleged alien space craft accelerated off of the nearby Minara airstrip. The light from this flash lit up the entirely dark station buildings in a brilliant and "beautiful" blue-grey glow silhouette.

Another 1996 night time case was observed near Rocky Gully in the south-west of W.A. and was described as a very scary event where massive blue-white streamers of arcing electricity issued from the forest floor into the atmosphere creating an intense violent blue-white glow (and an attendant "electrical noise") that was visible for miles - "like someone with a giant arc welder". This event persisted for at least several minutes in duration. The observers fled the area in fear for their lives - phased out by the apparently enormous energy involved in the event.

These massive energy bursts of high altitude blue-white light and/or ground level electrical arcs are reasonably common and I have about one hundred such documented events in the W.A. data base. Publicity from my first Nexus article has caused three more similar events to be reported to me - one of these is from eastern Victoria. I am unaware of any such similar events being historically reported in the literature - anywhere on planet Earth - excepting as referred to below in connection with circa 1900 high frequency high voltage E/M wave experiments by Tesla.

Other exotic events involve post 1993 night time and day time observations of golden-orange or silver-blue-white beams or cylinders of energy propagating vertically downward from high altitude and hitting the Earth's surface (no noise or surface damage and no thunderstorm activity) - usually in isolated outback areas. Another style of light energy emission event being observed involves orange-red coloured forms hanging statically in the night sky. Commonly pencil beam shaped (vertical or at 45 degrees), but including rare spherical forms, this style of event has been reported since about 1985 with an apparent increase since about 1990 with many more sightings reported since 1993.

Some 100 such events have been reported. Luckily in this case an alert meteor astronomer experienced in night time astro-photography captured one such case on film :-


Four colour images as captured by John Goldsmith (copyrighted by him and all publication rights currently held by H.Mason). John is an amateur meteor astronomer who photographed this beam from his home in Bedfordale (east of Fremantle in the Darling Ranges) at about 9.50pm on 24-05-90. John's photographs and my map reconstruction of the beam bearing are shown on the opposite page.

I took a compass reading (at the spot indicated by John Goldsmith near his telescope observing platform) across the trees as visible in photos 2-4, the bearing was about 262-263 degrees magnetic (local deviation is a degree or less as is the compass and reconstruction accuracy). The beam bearing is on a direct line to the "prohibited" area of the Fremantle Garden Island Naval Base. This "island" or promontory is riddled with underground installations from WWII when it was used as a Submarine base by the US Navy/Royal Navy/Royal Australian Navy. The southern end of Garden Island is occupied by HMAS Stirling - our current Submarine Base - where most of the Australian Collins Class subs are to be based. Navy yards are also present under the beam bearing on the main land.

Although we cannot deduce the exact range of the beam it has to be fairly close to the observer as it is in front of the clouds and lights up some clouds. It is therefore a good bet that this beam was hanging above, or very close to, the Garden Island Naval Facilities.

John Goldsmith came out of his house that night to do some astronomical telescope work. He saw the orange beam hanging vertically in the sky and raced back inside for his camera. Being used to capturing transient meteorite events he knew exactly how to capture the photo. He used 400 ASA film on settings of 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec, and 120 sec for respectively images 1-4.

John stated that the beam lit up some clouds and was not as bright as the images captured on film - probably due to light capture by the exposure time - or perhaps his recall of the intensity is a bit out. The beam did not appear to move around or change much over the about 5-6 minutes it was in view but he was concentrating hard on the camera. A video reconstruction utilising his four photos, each registered on the same bright stars, demonstrates that indeed the beam location is entirely static over the duration of the event.

Finally after about 5-6 minutes the beam just faded away to nothing. There was no sound event.

The stars are seen to move over the exposure time and possibly the centre of orange light intensity changes a bit downwards along the beam, and the overall beam light energy varies up and down in intensity from photo to photo (possibly due to the varying film exposure times ? or variation in the beam's actual light emission intensity).

On the original colour photos one can see a band of weaker "red" lines then "blue" lines, then an even weaker band of "red" lines and then "blue lines again - as follows (to the LHS of the major beam : O RRR BBB rrr bbb and so on). NB. similar spectra also exist to the RHS of the beam. The spectral lines are distributed either side of the major orange beam across a considerable width of sky - at least twice the visible beam length (possibly more). The photos also suggest a "ghost" basal tail of the central major beam goes much lower - possibly to ground level. The photos were taken in the dark at about 9.50pm - (Sun set here in WA on 25-05-90 was about 5.30pm). NB. near vertical white line on LHS of image #2 is an original film glitch and not an event of the time.

It was originally suggested that this beam was an effect created by a ground based LASER - but checks by atmospheric scientists who employ such devices in Australia and the USA have completely discounted such a theory - one major problem being that the light form appears well up in the atmosphere and is not connected to any ground laser, another problem is the large width of the beam when compared to normal pencil thick laser probes (normally only visible within 2 km. of the beam), and another problem is the harmonic spectral lines visible across the image.

Another suggestion was that the beam is a searchlight yet it cannot be a normal searchlight as it appears at high altitude with no connection from ground level, also it has no conical section diverging upwards, and it has exotic parallel harmonic spectral lines.

A Japanese Astronomers magazine published an article with a very poor black/white version of the photo in late 1991 suggesting the main beam was caused by refraction of ships lights by a horizontal layer of different density air ..........

If so why has this effect not been previously documented from anywhere over the worlds oceans ??? I now have many eye-witness accounts of such vertical orange beams seen at night on land over the past two years here in W.A. These land locations are generally uninhabited and have no light sources (such as searchlights etc.) for refraction by air layers as suggested by the Japanese magazine.

One 1996 Brisbane beam event report was very significant as the observers saw very high voltage blue-white discharge streamers issuing from their house wall mounted mains power box as an orange beam hovered nearby in the sky, another house reported their power box hummed violently as the orange beam hovered some distance away in the sky.

This data confirms the probability that Tesla style longitudinal scalar E/M potentials were involved in this Brisbane event (and therefore was possibly present during the other beam events) - probably created by a remote Tesla E/M transmitter and issuing from local space-time "vacuum" at the standing wave target node i.e. the beam location.

One quite feasible explanation for the orange beams is that they are due to electro-magnetic "holograms" of light energy being emitted from invisible but concentrated slugs of E/M standing waves. Such waves may be of natural (e.g. earth stress lights), human, or alien origin - all involving multiple scalar E/M wave interference.

The massive high altitude blue-white light energy flashes are possibly due to Tesla E/M wave emission coupling briefly with the upper atmosphere, whereas the ground level flashes are possibly due to the operation of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (located either in Australia or overseas) that is transmitting E/M energy through the planet to the antipodean target site where electrical arc energy is being violently released.

None of the reported events involving either blue-white light energy flashes, or orange-red beams or spheres, occurred during or near any kind of electrical storm or unsettled weather pattern. There is a possibility of some unknown natural phenomenon electrically charging selected earth fault plane systems across W.A. thence creating huge "earth stress lights" hanging above selected energy concentrations.

Solar charged particle output coupling in some peculiar style with the Earth's ionosphere/ground is a further possibility - but this implies a very significant recent change in the Earth-Sol electromagnetic and/or electrostatic equilibrium. Such powerful and localised exotic light events (occurring in large numbers and in such a relatively short time span of a few years) have never been previously reported from W.A. (or anywhere else on planet Earth) in documented scientific history. However occasionally isolated single high energy (earth stress light ?) events have been reported e.g. 1947 Eastern Tibet - prior to the Red Chinese invasion - a large earthquake struck this border area and was followed by huge high power orange-red glows of spherical light forms which hung for days over the eastern sky. Buddhist monks reported that these apparitions were visible from Lhasa and considered them at the time (and correctly so !) as very evil omens.

These Australian events are very "high power" events and should not be mistakenly compared with the average, isolated, and very rare, low power "earth stress light" reports and/or "Min-Min" light reports as occasionally observed near seismically active earthquake zones, and rarely reported in historicalliterature.

The concentrated high energies involved in recent Australian fireballs and their associated events, and in the exotic static light events, and their joint increasing event periodicity suggests a non-natural origin, or possibly a rapidly evolving natural system of unknown type.

At this time scalar E/M wave interference is the preferred physics mechanism for the formation of both fireballs and their associated phenomenon, and the exotic static light emission events.

Alien UFO activities cannot be completely discounted but do not fit the available human intelligence pattern - which strongly points to Earth based technological activity.


During my 1995 early research enquiries into the 28-05-93 "Banjawarn Bang" Australian ABC radio broadcast a news item from the USA referring to US Senator Sam Nunn who was chairman of a US Senate inquiry into the "Japanese AUM Sect and Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Nunn was reported to have stated that the Senate inquiry team had evidence that the AUM had attempted to purchase nuclear weapons from the Russians and had also attempted to develop same from their own scientific laboratory base, and had probably succeeded. I became worried that since the 28-05-93 Goldfields event did have characteristics similar to a nuclear blast that possibly these AUM sect loonies had indeed acquired nuclear weapons and some sort of pulse jet ( i.e. Nazi V1 type cruise missile) delivery system.

I contacted Dan Gelber chief council of the US Senate inquiry and told him of my data and research. His agitated response was "please express airpack everything that you have to us a.s.a.p. - at our expense". I complied with his request, and also spoke to him and his assistant several times more on the phone.

I now believe that although the energies involved in the Banjawarn event were of nuclear bomb power level that the explosion was not of nuclear but of scalar E/M technology origin.


In an early telephone call with Dan Gelber at the US Senate inquiry team he informed me that the US had found evidence that the AUM in 1992 had sent a research team to study at the Nicola Tesla museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Their objective was to get data on Tesla's electromagnetic wave transmission technology - as related to an earthquake inducing weapons system ...... Gelber being a Lawyer did not seem to understand much about this weapons system, but discussed it "in passing", as evidence for the AUM sect's deep desire to obtain

exotic new weapons systems with potential for mass destruction - such as nuclear bombs and nerve gas technology etc. Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) was the scientific genius who single handedly invented modern A/C electrical rotating fields and electrical generators, motors, plus radio (Marconi apparently stole Tesla's ideas whilst apprenticing at Tesla's New York laboratory) and a host of other electrical and electromagnetic devices. Most of the foundations of modern 20th Century electrical civilisation is due to Tesla's pioneering work in the period 1880-1908.

As it happens I have a large library of Tesla's works and many books about him. Tesla's electro-magnetics and his understanding of Physics has always intrigued me, and I have spent many hours pouring over his patents attempting to visualise the circuits and his understanding.

I was greatly intrigued by Gelber's comments and pondered over their possible significance - if any - to the Banjawarn events of 28-05-93. I began to reread my Tesla library searching for any possibly relevant information.


I found references to Tesla constructing a vibrating mechanical oscillator with a perfect periodicity that he used to "ping" the Earth; he also tried it out on his laboratory building structure; when it received a return signal of longitudinal (i.e. scalar) seismic or sound wave energy it added a new impulse "ping" to the return, after a few minutes this wave re-enforcement built to such a level that harmonic oscillational forces created local ground earthquakes and/or began to vibrate the target building to pieces. This device was built to provide a mechanical analogy to Tesla's E/M wave research to help Tesla visualise the system dynamics.

Tesla describes taking a sledge hammer to one of his first devices as the only method able to stop the rapid collapse of his laboratory and nearby buildings- which were all vibrating increasingly violently and in sympathy with the mechanical oscillator's seismic wave packets.

There were vague references in the literature to his mechanical Telegeodynamics theories coupled to suggestions that he could create the same seismic effects with E/M "Tesla Waves" - as produced by his "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" - a giant Tesla coil linked to a special circuit design and a large spherically shaped "aerial".

He utilised "Tesla Waves" i.e. longitudinal (scalar) E/M waves (like sound waves) of pure electrostatic potential with no E (electrical) or H (magnetic) transverse vibrational fields.

Tesla certainly proved that he could transmit useable electrical energy in very large quantities, without any wires and with minor energy losses, by his E/M "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" device. He claimed that he was bouncing his "Tesla waves" through the Earth's core to the antipodes and back to the Tx site. A relatively small 10Kw generator energy supply of just a few horsepower would rapidly allow the build up by resonance of millions of horsepower in the coil circuits of this "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" device.

Sheets of man made lightening and blue-white electrical streamers would arc out of the circuit to earth grounding points, or from the top spherical aerial system. Locals complained of experiencing sparks and blue-white streamers of electrical energy issuing from power lines, generators, electric motors, etc., and even from the soles of their boots to the ground, many miles away from his Colorado Springs laboratory.

Tesla had previously demonstrated that fire and flames can be exactly reproduced by very high tension high frequency electrostatic potential waves - in fact that is all a fire is when considered in physics - dimensions higher than the standard "burning of say Carbon in Oxygen" philosophy of atomic molecular chemistry.

In his patent for the E/M "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" Tesla mentions that it can transmit electrostatic potential energy to the planetary antipodes, or create a grid of standing waves and nodes of pure electrostatic potential energy across the entire planet. He provides a method for steering the antipodean target site by utilising two or more waves of differing frequency and amplitude from two or more widely separated transmitter (Tx) sites.

It is important to realise that he was NOT transmitting standard Hertzian waves which vibrate transverse to the string direction in normal 3D space with a constant rate of time flow - as in standard HF radio Tx. Lord Kelvin of the London Royal Society of Physics had a serious argument with Tesla at a scientific meeting in New York as Kelvin considered transverse vibrational E and H field Hertzian waves to be the only form of E/M wave propagation.

However when invited to Tesla's laboratory Kelvin was astounded to see by experimental demonstration that Tesla was indeed creating longitudinal vibrational or scalar E/M waves of pure electrostatic potential, or as Tesla called them NON-HERTZIAN radiations. Kelvin then apologised in public and confirmed the existence and nature of the new "Tesla Wave".

Recent private research in the USA has demonstrated that "Tesla Waves" can propagate in "n" dimensional space and may be engineered to operate in a non-linear time dimension at any speed from zero to infinite (not being limited to "c" - the speed of light). Several Tesla waves sent from different transmitters may also be engineered to combine by interferometry to produce an E/M slug of very high infolded or contained energy, with any desired light emission shape, colour, and intensity. This slug of E/M energy may be moved around the planet at will (visible or invisible). The contained energy may be released by a further specific transmission. The E/M slug can be moved into the Earth, through the air, or into the sea. If "detonated" in the earth an earthquake is the result. In a building or a city a violent explosion of pseudo-nuclear style is the result (even upto nuclear force levels).


In his later years Tesla claimed that he could produce a "Death Ray" with a range of hundreds of miles - useful against aircraft. Tesla also stated that another of his invention's would allow entire cities to be devastated by explosive E/M transmissions across intercontinental distances - to anywhere on the planet - with no defence possible, and that E/M "Tesla Shields" (produced by the same new device) could defend an entire country or a city against aircraft and shells. (As stated by Russia's Voice of Russia Science and Engineering programme on 7th April 1996. VOR said that Russia has this technology, This tx. was monitored and recorded by Australia's National UFO Hotline).

He certainly made several public announcements about the death ray and city buster E/M weapons systems in the 1920's and 1930's - but gave no details of technique that have knowingly survived into the public domain.

In 1924 a plethora of "death ray" and "anti-aircraft ray" stories appeared in the New York Times.

The West Australian "Kalgoorlie Miner" newspaper also published stories on these inventions during the 1920's. Various inventions were linked to several national scientists e.g.British (Grindell H. Mathews), USA (Dr.T.F.Wall), German (Herr Wolle), and Russian (Grammachikoff - revealed by belligerent statements of Trotsky). Details of the technology allegedly employed by these systems are currently unavailable in the Western Literature.

An Australian inventor of such a "death-ray" device, Charles Sidney Way, was found dead - shot through the heart under mysterious circumstances - on the promenade of an English sea side resort in late 1937.

News stories were also published in the USA about Tesla's "death ray" inventions in 1924, 1934, and finally in 1938. The 1938 press releases stated that Tesla would employ 50 million volts in a new form of ray wave only one-hundred-millionth of a centimetre in diameter based upon an entirely new principle of physics that produced a great repelling force.

Tesla stated that this device could melt any engine and that there was no defence. It could travel through interstellar space faster than light, and that if aimed at the moon it would turn a spot on the surface into incandescence.

It would appear that Tesla was referring to something vaguely similar to modern concepts of Laser or Particle Beam weapons but possibly utilising Microwave E/M transmissions of enormous power travelling at speeds > "c" - the velocity of light. In actual fact physicists call waves with dimensions of one-hundred-millionth of a centimetre (i.e. 10 to the power of -9 metres) X-Rays, but the size mentioned by Tesla is also quite close to the arbitrary boundary designated for even smaller radiations - defined as Gamma Rays.

To achieve such wave packet velocities of > "c" was thought to be impossible in Einsteinian Western Physics - until the recent redevelopment of new ideas in physics concerning the theoretical relativistic hyperspace transmission of scalar E/M waves - or "Tesla Waves".

NB. It is also now known that longitudinal scalar E/M waves do indeed produce a great repelling force on the atomic nucleus - bypassing the outer electron shells - directly engineering or interfering with the components of the nucleus.

Tesla was not known to make idle statements - but some of his ideas were so incredible and beyond the "ken" of so many other "physics peers" that mainstream academics commonly just ignored his work. Only in recent years have some brave souls come out with experimental and theoretical studies that confirm the brilliance of this amazingly practical and innovative mind. Most modern Western University physicists simply ignore Tesla's work. Only East European and Russian Universities normally include a study of Tesla's work in the curriculum.

As early as 1914 Tesla predicted electrical control of atmospheric moisture and "weather control", and gave some thought to how this could be achieved by his magnifying transmitter. He implied that it would be possible to even affect the Sun's E/M fields and it's solar output, or certainly modify it's effects upon the Earth by means of E/M Tesla wave transmitters.

Tesla suggested means for lighting the ionosphere by E/M waves to produce a dull white glow - to turn night into day and make sea and air navigation safer. This apparently magical thesis would work along lines of an analogy between the rarefied upper atmosphere or ionosphere and an evacuated standard office fluorescent tube - both can be lit up by a Tesla Coil radiating "Tesla waves", without any wires necessary.

Tesla believed that nuclear radiation from specific isotopes, such as Radium, or Uranium, was not just the result of atomic nucleus instability but that the decay was caused by interaction of the nucleus with a special ray emanating throughout the Universe. He stated that it would be possible to engineer E/M "shielding" to stop the rays and hence terminate the action of nuclear disintegration, and presumably therefore it would be possible to generate concentrations of such rays and stimulate the nucleus into explosive or rapid general transmutation.

These radiation and other theories of Tesla's, and more recent theoretical studies by US Physicist Tom Bearden have enabled a full elucidation of the reasons for a series of quite bizarre activities of the Japanese AUM Supreme Truth sect in W.A. at Banjawarn station during 1993, and demonstrated the AUM sect's close connection to the 28-05-93 Banjawarn Fireballs, explosion, and earthquake mini-Tunguska event. As research into the "Banjawarn Bang" has progressed an entire collection of bizarre events and coincidences has begun to unravel - but you will have to wait for Part 3 for that ............

The next article in this series will cover intelligence on the Japanese AUM sect as regards their interest into E/M weapons and their activities in Australia. It will also summarise the known physics and effects of modern scalar E/M weapons systems, their wave transmission health effects on human and other lifeforms, and will detail a variety of recent Earth history events where such weapons are believed to have been employed by Russian, Japanese, and US covert power groups.

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