A Turkish Newspaper interview with Gaylon Ross, author of "Who's Who of the Elite" quoted.... You mentioned that there are 2-4 years left for revealing the Global Elite! Why do you say so? What do you expect to happen in the coming 5 years on the Globe and in the Middle East? Within the next five years the Elite hope to be very close to completing the Global union, which will be made up of: European Union, African Union, American Union, Pacific Rim Union, Soviet Union, Middle-East Union.... [A revelation] Australia and New Zealand military heads in a secret meeting plan to invade Fiji to bring them under their control and ultimately the Pacific Rim Union which leads to the coming One World Order. However, like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Bainimarama of Fiji has derailed this Pacific Rim Union plan for a little while but not for long. God is delaying this NWO plan to wake up His very few who are Chosen before he allows the New World Order plan to fully come into fruition! Yes, brethren - the New World Order is God's plan to separate the wheat from the tares. Satan and the elite are just his tools to carry out his will. God is totally in control. You have to surrender your life to christ now while there is still time. [Revelation confirmed] The Lord showed us in mid-2007 that there would be a major prophetic event on August 2007 and this has now been confirmed via the "Prophetic Warning To Fiji Christians" prophecy link below.... The Elite originally planned to create the American Union some time during 2005 or 2006. This would include all of the nations of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, and function just like the present European Union. There will be only one monetary system, one central bank, one (unelected) governing body, one military force, one judicial system, no borders, and no Constitution and Bill of Rights.... The American Union follows the first step, the European Union, and then the African Union, in the Elite's plan to control the entire world. Next will be the Asian Union, and the Soviet Union, all to be completed between the years 2010 and 2015. This is not my speculation, it's their stated plans, as detailed in a UN document titled "Our Global Neighborhood" (available in any bookstore, on special order). Thanks to the single handed efforts of a regional hero, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the creation of the American Union has been delayed until the Elite can get rid of Chavez (one way or another). So, until Chavez can be eliminated, the Elite must settle for the creation of the North American Union. [Confirmation] Mexico's former President Vicente Fox confirmed this American Union plan on a recent interview on October 12, 2007 with Larry King on CNN. Check out the October 2007 Archive below for further information.


Ratu Sukuna is man of many faces and vices. Although...Ratu Sukuna is man of many faces and vices. Although he is the iconic "father of modern Fiji",
I have to reconcile many truths to that persona.

My grandmother told stories of his frequent visits to the location of Fiji's ancestral Gods in Ra province called
Nakauvadra. A mountain range that makes up Fiji's great dividing range.

Ratu Sukuna was educated in Oxford University, England. He was also a Freemason. Other Fijian chiefs have also
attended the re-known institute however, one must enquire the connections between Oxford and Freemasonry which
go back in time.

In fact Freemason Fiji chapter was launched by Bau chief Ratu Cakobau in 1871 and the Fiji chapter is under the Scottish Grand Royal Chapter.

Here are other notable Fiji chiefs who are part of this new order. Including Laiseni Qarase, current Fiji P.M.
Clearly this new world order also drove the events of the 1987 and 2000 coup under the guise of indigenous rights.

29 July 2000

FIJI: the new order
by Ross Nepia Himona

Finally, and in their own time, the military has rounded up the leaders of the revolution, including the military people who defected. And a new government has been installed.

Laisenia Qarase, the new Prime Minister, is a conservative banker, reported to be a Freemason, connected to high-ranking Freemason, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the former president. Qarase, as Prime Minister of an interim three year government, is also likely to have only an interim career at the centre of political power.

The Deputy PM is Brigadier General (retired) Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, who is also quite conservative, and a son-in-law of Ratu Mara. He is a high chief in his own right, descended from the great Ratu Seru Cakobau who ceded Fiji to Britain. His late father, Ratu Edward Cakobau, was a much loved former commander of the Fijian Battalion, and a former Deputy PM.

Ratu Epeli served on active service on secondment to 1st Bn RNZIR in Borneo in 1966, during Konfrontasi, the Indonesian attempt to divert attention from its own internal conflicts by destabilizing the new federation of Malaysia. Ratu Epeli rose to command the Royal Fijian Military Forces, and was displaced by Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka in 1987. He then served for a long time as High Commissioner to the UK, and later as Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs. In 1998 Rabuka appointed him roving ambassador to the whole of the Pacific, where his (and his wife's) chiefly kinship ties to many of the leading families of other Pacific nations were invaluable. When Chaudhry came to power he was dismissed.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau's younger brother Ratu Tuakitau Cokanauto is also in the cabinet, and is an important figure as well in the new order.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was himself a member of the Military Council that ruled in the weeks after martial law was declared, as was Brigadier General (retired) Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

Ganilau is another son-in-law of Ratu Mara, a former commander of the FMF, and the son of former Deputy PM, and former Governor General, the late Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau. We will hear more of him in the future.

What we are seeing at the moment in Fiji is a re-assertion of chiefly control of political power, with the military and political elites working closely together.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is moving to assert his chiefly authority over the many chiefs of the Bau Confederacy, and has called a gathering of all those chiefs to elect and install a new Vunivalu, or paramount chief. The position has been vacant for some years since the death of his uncle, Ratu Sir George Cakobau, another previous Governor General.

If Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is elevated to that high status, then he will become the centre of political power in Fiji for many years to come, and a stabilizing influence. There are however four other eligible male candidates for Vunivalu, including Ratu Epeli's younger brother, Ratu Tuakitau, and whoever is chosen will become that powerful stabilizing influence.

Notwithstanding that, the whole Qarase government is committed to the paramountcy of indigenous Fijians in their own country, but mindful of their need to treat fairly with the Indo-Fijians. Their immediate tasks however are to remove the causes of Fijian revolutionary fervor, to promote national reconciliation, and to start the economic recovery.

Major General (retired) Sitiveni Rabuka will likely remain a key figure for some years to come, both as the present chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs, and in other roles in the future.

We should also watch the career of Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Tarakinikini. He is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and of the British Staff College at Camberley. He served as a junior officer in the Meridian Squadron. Ironically he was trained by coup leader Ilisoni Ligairi, and was named by George Speight as the new Commander of the Military. Tarakinikini also served as commander of the Fijian battalion in the Lebanon, and as a UN military observer during the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He has as much experience, and is as capable as any officer of similar rank in any army. He is also highly intelligent. Although not of chiefly status himself, he is highly respected by his chiefs and people, who often seek his advice.

There is a new national leadership being prepared in Fiji, and these will be some of the key players who will fill the political vacuum left by the generation represented by Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the late Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, and the late Ratu Sir George Cakobau.


Another important factor is that, Oxford educates many potential leaders of many countries to be used
for the agendas of a secretive group which call the shots in geo-politics.
Queen Elizabeth 2 inaugural visit to Fiji in 1954 did prove to be a symbiotic relationship between the chiefs and the Monarchy.

When the Royal Launch approached the seawall of Suva harbor, the sea was unusually rough and bystanders noticed the wake of a large sea creature.
Ratu Sukuna recognized this omen and ordered the creature away from the shore.

Here the image 1 and Image 2
background clearly shows the large wake behind the Royal launch.